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"An outstanding performance is given by Jennifer Gordon Thomas. Rogers has created an amazing character in Jo and Thomas exceptionally realizes her."


"Portraying her as wry and lonely in an all-male circle, Jennifer Gordon Thomas easily turns Jo into the play's heart and conscience..." 

 - Backstage

"...Capek's sorrowful sister played faultlessly by Jennifer Gordon Thomas."



"The way Ms. Thomas (and Mr. Lathon) play an acrid face-off is a masterful demonstration in infusing a heady argument with a lethal dramatic edge."

 - Rob Kendt for The New York Times

"The actors give exceptionally thoughtful, considered performances, with Jennifer Gordon Thomas a strikingly grounded and lived in character."

- Robert Simonson - Time Out NY

"Best of all is Jennifer Gordon Thomas, a remarkable performer with great things ahead of her."

 - Terry Teachout of The Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: Jef Betz 

Photo Credit: Jef Betz 


"As Sybil, Thomas offers an incredibly realistic portrayal of a no-nonesense Midwestern mom. Her harsh vowels adorn the maternal tenderness she shows" 


"But it's Jennifer Gordon Thomas as Sybil, a woman in constant physical pain and now emotional drama, who does an amazing job of holding our attention and earning our sympathy. Thomas has fleshed out a fully realized character complete with midwestern drawl. Thomas knows Sybil is not an angel and plays her for what she is - a real, but flawed woman." 

- Times Ledger

"Particular praise to Thomas for her skilled performance as Sybil. Her nuanced work brings Sybil's physical and mental struggles to life without going overboard. Plus, her accent was great."



"Perhaps the most comfortable in their skins are Jennifer Gordon Thomas who plays Marie. She creates an effective performance with only snatches of stage time."

 - OffOffOnline